Brenda Arredondo

Education: (2005 B.A. Political Science)

Brenda credits Rice’s outstanding reputation with launching her career in national politics  


Antroy and Marissa Arreola

Antroy and Marissa have lived in the Houston area since their graduation from Rice University in 1995

Don C. Des Jarlais

Education: ( 1967 B.A. Behavioral Science)
Don C. Des Jarlais, Ph.D. says his undergraduate years at Rice University taught him how to study, conduct research in multiple scientific disciplines, learn to empathize with people who have drug use issues, and prepared him for his research career.

Annette Howe

Education: (1999 B.A. in Anthropology and Managerial Studies)
Public relations and development manager at the Fort Bend County Women's Center

C.M. “Hank” Hudspeth

Education: (1940 B.A. Pre-Law)
When Hank Hudspeth began his studies in pre-law at Rice University 75 years ago, little did he imagine his association with Rice would continue to the university’s centennial year    

Ken Janda

Education: (1977 B.A. Anthropology, Economics, and Managerial Studies)
President and CEO of Community Health Choice, Inc. (CHC), a Houston-based managed care organization committed to improving access to care and health outcomes for low-income families

Ali Y. Koç

Education: (1989 Managerial Studies)
Ali recently hosted Rice social sciences students and faculty for an immersion experience in Istanbul where he lives with his wife Nevbahar and two children

Jay Lamy

Education: (1995 B.A. Managerial Studies)
Jay Lamy is busy being a husband, father, and founder and president of AQUILA Commercial, an Austin commercial real estate firm.  However, Jay says Rice University continues to be an integral part of his life

L. Charles "Charley" Landgraf

Education: (1975 B.A. Economics)
 Charley Landgraf is a Washington-based partner with the international law firm Arnold & Porter.

Yvonne Marcuse

Education: (1970 B.A. Anthropology)
Now an accomplished attorney at Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer in Woodbridge, N.J., Yvonne says Rice helped her pursue her true passion for anthropology 

Virginia Moyer

Education: (1974 B.A. Psychology)
Virginia Moyer was named one of Time Magazine's "People Who Mattered" 

Lisi Owen

Education: (2007 B.A. in Political Science)
 Lisi Owen wins Linda Faye Williams Social Justice Prize

Cheta Ozougwu

Education: (2011 B.A. Economics)
During his time at Rice, he was a top economics student, campus leader and volunteer, as well as an outstanding football player. Initially drafted in the 2011 draft by the Houston Texans, Cheta recently started the next chapter of his life by signing with the Chicago Bears 

David Rhodes

Education: (1996 B.A. in Economics and Political Science)
David Rhodes has been named president of CBS News

Morton Rudberg

Education: (1954 B.A. Accounting and Economics)
Morty says his decision to apply and come to Rice was certainly a fortunate one.  Staying so close to the university over the years has been a choice and commitment he made

Betty M. (Goldsberry) Sanders

Education: (1984 Ph.D. Psychology)
President and owner of Humanomics, Inc. and consults on a wide range of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology issues

Ariela Schachter, '09

Education: Sociology, Policy Studies
Professional: Ph.D. Candidate, Stanford University
Social Sciences Gateway young alumna, Ariela Schachter, '09, shares how her undergraduate research experience from the support of a Gateway SSURE grant impacted her time at Rice and her career endeavors today.

Melissa Skolfield

Education: (1980 B.A. in Economics)
Politics-A Force for Good by Neeraj Salhotra

Gloria Meckel Tarpley

Education: (1981 B.A. in Managerial Studies and Political Science)
Member of the City of Dallas Planning Commission

David Upp

Education: (1973 B.A. Behavioral Science, Anthropology, Linguistics, German)
 David Upp spent the last year teaching Anthropology in Aizawl, Mizoram, India.

Brock Wagner

Education: (1987 B.A. in Economics)

Brock Wagner's love of beer and brewing was what eventually led him to the inevitable: opening a microbrewery

Kathy Wang

Education: (1997 B.A. Sociology)
Kathy has called London home for the past five years and works as a senior consultant with Sirius Solutions Europe Ltd.

Mine Yucel

Education: (1984 Ph.D. Economics)
 Rice gave Mine an excellent foundation on which to build her remarkable career