Alumni MentorAlumni have the opportunity to mentor students domestically and abroad. Here's how:

U.S. alumni mentor students by sharing with them their career journey and the lessons they learned along the way. By helping students to navigate the boundless opportunities that await them after graduation. If you are interested in being an OwlConnect Mentor please email Alex Wyatt, Gateway Administrator, at

The Gateway Summer Fellows program guides select social sciences students to initiate contacts with alumni through the Rice Alumni Directory listings in their area of research and internship. The fellows are expected to schedule visits to explore alumni career journeys and submit reflection reports for their fellowship funding. By keeping your contact information current in the alumni directory and welcoming inquiries from students, you could make a difference in the next generations' career choices.

International alumni are needed to mentor students in the Gateway International Ambassador program when students study abroad. The selected ambassadors are expected to conduct interviews with leaders abroad. Alumni mentors are their initial contact and, after meeting with the student, help them make connections with people who may be potential interview subjects.

The Ambassadors are trained to initiate contact with alumni through the Alumni Directory in the countries they study. By keeping your email addresses current and welcoming student inquiries to share your career journeys and lessons from life abroad, you could mentor from around the world.

Please contact Alex Wyatt at if you are interested in becoming a mentor.