Grad2At the graduate level, six of our departments have Ph.D. programs: Anthropology, Economics, Linguistics, Political Science, Psychology, and  Sociology.  All of these programs achieve excellence by concentrating on selected areas for education and research.

If you are interested in earning a doctorate, you are encouraged to learn about our programs by browsing each department's website and by contacting faculty. Each department strives to make sure that there is a good "fit" between a student's interests and the strengths of the department.

In addition, we also offer two professional Master's degrees in Energy Economics and a jointly sponsored program with Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy in Global Affairs. Current Rice undergraduate students may apply to the program in the first semester of their junior year and learn of their acceptance in the second semester of their junior year. If accepted, students take courses toward the master’s degree in their senior year, while they complete requirements for their baccalaureate degree.