Cognitive Sciences

Researchers in this interdisciplinary field seek to understand such mental phenomena as perception, thought, memory, the acquisition and use of language, learning, concept formation, and consciousness. Some investigators focus on relationships between brain structures and behavior, while others work with computer simulation at more abstract levels.


Managerial Studies

The major in Managerial Studies is an interdepartmental, nonprofessional program designed to provide undergraduates with an understanding of the environment in which businesses and other organizations exist today. Tools employed by management in the commitment of its financial and human resources are also studied.



Social Policy Analysis

Social Policy Analysis (SOPA) is a new interdisciplinary major focused on evidence-based policy design, analysis, and communication.  Graduates of the major will be able to evaluate alternative interventions that propose to improve human well-being in a wide variety of areas. For more information about the major please contact Melissa Marschall, director, at