Undergraduate Studies

The School of Social Sciences serves the largest number of undergraduates, with over a third of Rice undergraduates choosing a major in the social sciences. There is a strong commitment to undergraduate education in the Social Sciences. The school strives to create a rich and meaningful educational experience.


Gateway Program

The Gateway program provides Rice social sciences undergraduates with opportunities to put what they learn in the classroom to work in the real world through research and professional development experiences. By participating in Gateway, students will be able make informed decisions about what they would like to do after they graduate.


Graduate Studies 

At the graduate level, six of our departments have Ph.D. programs. All of these programs achieve excellence by concentrating on selected areas for education and research. In addition, the School of Social Sciences also offers two professional Master's degrees in Energy Economics and a jointly sponsored program with Rice University's Baker Institute for Public Policy in Global Affairs.

student news

Student News

Student news focuses on accomplishments of our students and highlights students' experiences in the Gateway program. Check back often to read about all the activities and research our students are working on.