Judicial Practicum 2018 Reception

Students at the Judicial Practicum 2018 Reception

To celebrate the completion of the Judicial Practicum this term, Justice Evelyn Keyes held a reception to honor the students and participating judges from the program. Kathleen Canning, Ph.D., dean of humanities, and Antonio Merlo, Ph.D., dean of social sciences, both gave remarks; thanking the state and federal court judges for their mentorship, time, and effort. Special thanks were given to Justice Keyes and Chief Judge Lee Rosenthal for their stalwart support, and for providing a means to jointly endeavor this program between the two academic schools.

All students were awarded certificates of completion by their respective courts, as an acknowledgement of their service and dedication to the courts this semester.

Pictured are the 2018 Judicial Practicum cohort, Justice Keyes, Judge Rosenthal, Dean Canning, and Dean Merlo.