Advisory Board

The Dean's Advisory Board is a vital source of information and innovative ideas to help guide the School's future. Board members provide guidance directly to the dean of social sciences at quarterly meetings. The engagement and support of board members is a key reason for the success of the social sciences at Rice University.

Sid Bhattacharya '18

Education: Rice University 2018, Master's, Energy Economics

Renee Capri '93

Education: Rice University 1993, B.A. Sociology and Managerial Studies
Professional: Owner, Frontline Marketing Services

Robert L. Clarke '63

Education: Rice University 1963, B.A. Economics and Harvard University 1966, J.D.
Professional: Senior Partner, Banking and Financial Services, Bracewell & Giuliani LLP

Jose Enrique Cruz '04

Education: Rice University 2004, B.A. Sport Management

Julian C. Duncan '99 '06

Education: Rice University 1999, B.A. English and Sport Management and 2006, M.B.A.
Professional: Chief Marketing/Strategy Officer, Houston Rockets

Judge Ed Emmett '71

Education: Rice University 1971, B.A. Economics and University of Texas at Austin 1974, M.A. Public Affairs
Professional: Senior Consultant, Strategic Partnerships, Inc.

George Gonzalez '90

Education: Rice University 1990, B.A. Political Science and Spanish and Harvard University 1994, J.D.

Walter E. Greenberg '78

Education: Rice University 1978, B.A. Economics and Physics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1980, M.B.A.
Professional: First Vice President, High Definition Consulting

Joe Grinstein '94

Education: Rice University 1994, Economics and Political Science and Yale University 1997, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Professional: Partner, Susman Godfrey L.L.P.

Russell W. Hall '86

Education: Rice University 1986, B.A. Sociology, University of Houston 1993, Doctor of Jurisprudence, and University of Houston 2006, Master of Laws
Professional: Russell W. Hall, Attorney-at-Law

Cordell H. Haymon '65

Education: Rice University 1965, B.A. Economics and Louisiana State University 1968, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Professional: Retired from Petroleum Service Corporation (PSC)

Sylvia Hysong, Ph.D. '00

Education: University of Rochester 1991: B.A. Psychology, University of North Carolina, Charlotte 1993: M.A. Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Rice University 2000: Ph.D. Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Professional: Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

David Itz '72

Education: Rice University 1972, B.A. Economics
Professional: Chairman, Board of Directors at First Service Credit Union

Farrell B. Johnson, M.D. '92

Education: Rice University 1992, B.A. Anthropology, University of Texas Medical Branch 1999, M.D., and University of New Orleans 2005, M.B.A.
Professional: Medical Director, Aetna Life & Casualty Company

Klee Kleber '89

Education: Rice University 1989, B.A. Economics and German

Andrew Lin '02

Education: Rice University 2002, B.A. Economics
Professional: Financial Services Professional, New York Life Insurance Company

Elizabeth Love '96

Education: Rice University 1996, B.A. Anthropology and University of Texas 1997, Master of Public Health

Akilah Mance '05

Education: Rice University 2005, B.A. Political Science, English and University of Georgia 2008, Doctor of Jurisprudence
Professional: General Counsel, Houston Forensic Science Center

Margaret K. McKeehan, Ph.D. '10 '17

Education: Rice University 2010, B.A. Mathematic Economic Analysis and 2017, Ph.D. Economics
Professional: Senior Associate, The Brattle Group

Tomeka McLeod '95

Education: Rice University 1995, B.A. Economics and Managerial Studies and Harvard University 2000, Master's Business Administration

Milinda McNeely '79

Education: Rice University 1979, B.A. Political Science and The University of Texas at Austin 1982, J.D.
Professional: Senior Vice President, ABC Studios

Jana Sanchez '86

Education: Rice University 1986, B.A. Political Science
Professional: Senior Communications Advisor, Leadership Forum LLC

Cathryn Rodd Selman '78

Education: Rice University 1978, B.A. Economics and History and Harvard Business School 1982, M.B.A.
Professional: Retired from ExxonMobil

Amy Sutton '89 '90

Education: Rice University 1989, B.A. Economics and Managerial Studies, Rice University 1990, M.B.A., and Golden Gate University 1994, Masters in Taxation
Professional: Tax Partner, Deloitte Tax LLP

Gloria Meckel Tarpley '81

Education: Rice University 1981, B.A. Managerial Studies and Political Science and University of Houston 1984, J.D.
Professional: Community Volunteer

Merinda Watkins-Martin '91

Education: Rice University 1991, B.A. Managerial Studies
Professional: Owner, Lemond Kitchen and Lemond Catering and Special Events