Name Department Research Interests
Andrea Ballestero Anthropology

Legal and political anthropology; science and technology studies; political economy; anthropology of quantification; materiality; the subterranean; value; nature and ontology.

Dominic Boyer Anthropology

Renewable energy and energopolitics; media; knowledge; digital information and epistemology; experts, professionalism, and cultures of expertise; intellectuals and identitarian movements; the politics of affect and belonging; late, post, and neosocialism.

James D. Faubion Anthropology

Anthropology of self-formation and ethics; anthropological research design; the work of Michel Foucault; the prevailing epistemological figures of anthropological thought; the more general sociocultural ecology of social and cultural thought; the theorization of kinship; religious ideation and practice; anthropology of literature; anthropology of temporality; ancient and modern Greece

Jeffrey Fleisher Anthropology

Old World archaeology; African archaeology and ethnography; political economy; landscape and regional archaeology; household studies; ceramics; urban space; materiality of ritual; social memory

Eugenia Georges Anthropology

Medical anthropology; politics of reproduction; cultural study of pregnancy, childbirth, and new reproductive technologies; social movements to demedicalize maternity care; transnational migration, gender and development. Greece; Brazil, Dominican Republic

Gökçe Günel Anthropology

Social/Cultural Anthropology, Energy and Climate Change in the Middle East and Africa

Cymene Howe Anthropology

Environment, ecology, and energy; ontologies, vitalities and neomaterialisms; activism and human rights; gender and sexuality; Latin America (Mexico, Nicaragua); the Arctic (Iceland); United States.

Susan McIntosh Anthropology

Origins of complex societies; West African Iron Age archaeology, with particular emphasis on the interior floodplains of the Senegal and Niger rivers; ceramic analysis; human osteology; cultural property, heritage, and sociopolitics

Zoë Wool Anthropology

Medical anthropology; queer theory; anthropologies of life and death; injury, illness, and disability; personhood and the body; the necropolitics of care; STS; violence; war; intimacy; precarity; ordinary ethics; soldiers and military families; United States.

Kerry Back Economics

Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure, Derivative Securities, and Auction Theory

Nina Bobkova Economics

Microeconomic Theory, Auction Theory/Mechanism Design, Information Economics, Social Learning, Political Economy

Richard Boylan Economics

Law and Economics, Political Economy, Game Theory and Experimental Economics

Bryan W. Brown Economics

Specification, estimation, and prediction in nonlinear models; estimation and inference in random optimization models; and modeling and testing efficiency of forward exchange rates.

James N. Brown Economics

Measurement error in spline estimating equations, multiparty bargaining strikes and wages in the printing industry, and substance abuse among adolescents.

Rossella Calvi Economics

Applied Microeconomics, Development Economics, Labor Economics

Flávio Cunha Economics

Labor economics, Economics of Education, Health Economics, Economic Development and Growth, Policy Evaluation

Marc P. Dudey Economics

Industrial Organization

Mahmoud El-Gamal Economics

International Economics and Finance, Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, and Islamic Law and Finance.

Hülya Eraslan Economics

Political Economy, Game Theory, Corporate Finance

Jeremy Fox Economics

Industrial organization, econometrics, labor economics

Peter R. Hartley Economics

Energy Economics; Energy and Growth; Money, Credit and Banking

Yinghua He Economics

Applied Micro, Labor, Education

Vivian Ho Economics

Health Economics, Industrial Organization.

Yunmi Kong Economics

Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconometrics, Applied Microeconomics

Ted P. Loch-Temzelides Economics

Energy Economics, R&D and Economic Growth, Economic Theory, Financial Economics, Macroeconomics, Energy, and the Environment

Mallesh Pai Economics

Mechanism Design/ Auction Theory, Economics of Privacy, Social Networks/ Social Learning, and Statistical Decision Theory

Isabelle Perrigne Economics

Empirical Industrial Organization, Applied Microeconometrics

Robin C. Sickles Economics

Applied Econometrics

Xun Tang Economics

Econometrics, Industrial Organization

Kenneth Wolpin Economics

Labor Market, Education and Demographic Decisions of Individuals in Dynamic Settings

George R. Zodrow Economics

Tax Reform in the U.S. and Developing Countries; State and Local Public Finance; Computable General Equilibrium Modeling of the Effects of Tax Reforms

Michel Achard Linguistics

General Linguistics. Cognitive Linguistics. French and Romance Linguistics, with particularemphasis on the French verbal system. Second language acquisition and pedagogy, with emphasis on the place of explicit grammatical instruction in communicative methodologies. Multilingualism.

Robert Englebretson Linguistics

Discourse and Grammar, Colloquial Indonesian, Conversational English, Austronesian Linguistics, Discourse/Conversation Analysis, Sociolinguistics, Functional approaches to language, Audio Field Recording and Recording Technology, Discourse Transcription, Braille

Suzanne Kemmer Linguistics

Cognitive Linguistics, Language Universals and Typology, Semantics/Pragmatics, Language Change, Germanic languages, Nilo-Saharan Languages, African Languages, Austronesian languages

Nancy Niedzielski Linguistics

Sociolinguistics, speech perception, dialectology, phonetics, speech technology, language and gender.

Masayoski Shibatani Linguistics

Syntax, language typology, linguistic theory, Japanese linguistics and Austronesian linguistics.

John Alford Political Science

American politics, particularly elections, and the biological and evolutionary basis of political behavior

Paul Brace Political Science

State and intergovernmental politics, judicial decision making, and the presidency.

Songying Fang Political Science

international organizations, international conflict, applied game-theoretic modeling, and US-China relations

Keith E. Hamm Political Science

American political institutions, the politics of state legislatures, and the impact of campaign finance laws

Matthew Hayes Political Science

American politics, racial and ethnic politics, political psychology, and political representation.

Jonathan Homola Political Science

Comparative politics and political methodology, representation and Western democracies

Connor Huff Political Science

Conflict, individual combatant behavior, public opinion about political violence, civil war, and terrorism

Mark P. Jones Political Science

Effect of electoral laws and other political institutions on governance, representation and voting

Brett Ashley Leeds Political Science

International conflict and cooperation, international institutions, and the influence of domestic politics on international relations

Melissa Marschall Political Science

Public policy, particularly education politics and reform; political behavior, with an emphasis on minority participation and the effects of social and institutional context; and urban politics

T. Clifton Morgan Political Science

Application of formal models to the study of bargaining in international crises and quantitative analyses of the causes of war

Diana Z. O'Brien Political Science

Gender and politics, representation, and the politics of Western democracies

Lyn Ragsdale Political Science

American politics, the Presidency, and electoral behavior

Jerrold G. Rusk Political Science

American elections, political behavior, and electoral reform

Leslie Schwindt-Bayer Political Science

comparative political institutions, legislatures and representation, gender and politics, and Latin America

Robert M. Stein Political Science

state and urban politics, public policy, elections, and voting behavior

Randolph T. Stevenson Political Science

Comparative democratic institutions, party competition and organization, comparative political economy, and political methodology

Richard J. Stoll Political Science

Quantitative study of international conflict and American defense policy

Michelle Torres Political Science

Political methodology and political behavior, computational social sciences, causal inference, public opinion, and political communication

Rick K. Wilson Political Science

Historical evolution of Congressional institutions and experimental studies of strategic behavior

Margaret Beier Psychological Sciences

Individual Differences, Selection and Training

Michael Byrne Psychological Sciences

Human factors/human-computer interaction, computational modeling/artificial intelligence, statistics, cognition, decision-making, memory

James Dannemiller Psychological Sciences

Molecular Genetics, Modeling of Genotype/Phenotype Associations

Patricia DeLucia Psychological Sciences

Perception of collision, motion, depth, and multisensory integration in normal and impaired vision; Human factors in transportation (e.g., manual and automated driving; aviation), health care (minimally-invasive surgery, telehealth, medication administration, patient safety), and military (e.g., UAVs, night vision goggles)

Bryan Denny Psychological Sciences

Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Emotion Regulation, Translational Affective Science

Chris Fagundes Psychological Sciences

Affective Neuroscience, Health Psychology, Lifespan Development, Psychoneuroimmunology

Simon Fischer-Baum Psychological Sciences

Written and Spoken Language Processing, Short-Term Memory, Cognitive Neuropsychology

Michelle “Mikki” Hebl Psychological Sciences

Diversity and Discrimination

Danielle King Psychological Sciences

Employee resilience, Organizational citizenship behavior, Occupational health, Workplace identity

Eden King Psychological Sciences

Diversity & inclusion, work-family

Philip Kortum Psychological Sciences

Perception of time while on telephone hold, Non-visual factors associated with visual quality perception, Human Factors in Medicine

David Lane Psychological Sciences

Human-computer interaction, Educational technology, Statistics

Stephanie Leal Psychological Sciences

Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Episodic memory, Aging and Alzheimer's disease

Randi Martin Psychological Sciences

Psychology and Neuropsychology of Language, Short-Term Memory/Working Memory

Fred Oswald Psychological Sciences

Personality Testing in Personnel Selection, Non-Cognitive Test Development, Job Classification, Meta-analysis, Quantitative Methods

James Pomerantz Psychological Sciences


Eduardo Salas Psychological Sciences

Uncovering what facilitates teamwork and team effectiveness in organizations; how and why does team training work; how to optimize simulation-based training; how to design, implement and evaluate training & development systems and in generating evidence-based guidance for those in practice.

Max Besbris Sociology

Economic Sociology; Urban Sociology; Work, Occupations, and Organizations; Theory

Jenifer Bratter Sociology

Race, demography, marriage, and family

Tony N. Brown Sociology

Critical Race Theory; Health Disparities; Race and Racism; Sociology of Mental Health; Survey Design and Methods

Brielle Bryan Sociology

Criminal justice, inequality & stratification, social policy, race/ethnicity, social demography, quantitative methods

Sergio Chavez Sociology

Internal and international migration, work, border studies, social networks, gender, emotions, qualitative and ethnographic methods

Elaine Howard Ecklund Sociology

Religion, science, immigration, and culture

James R. Elliott Sociology

Urban and community sociology, social stratification and inequality, and environmental sociology

Bridget Gorman Sociology

Racial and gender disparities in physical and mental health

Rachel Kimbro Sociology

Poverty and inequality, family, and population health

Anna Rhodes Sociology

Education, Housing, Poverty and Inequality

Elizabeth Roberto Sociology

Data Science

Ruth N. Lόpez Turley Sociology

Research-Practice Partnerships, educational inequality, race and ethnicity