Funding Opportunities

Collaborative Research Grant - to encourage collaboration of Rice Social Sciences faculty across disciplines for the development of larger projects leading to research grant proposals to outside funding agencies.

Seed Money Grants - provide funding so faculty may collect preliminary data or perform preliminary research that will enable them to submit a more competitive proposal to an external funding agency.

Manuscript Workshop Grants - help faculty develop book manuscripts and, for junior faculty, develop professional connections to scholars outside of Rice University.

Open Access (OA) Publication Grants - aim to increase the visibility of SoSS faculty research and disseminate research more quickly. Grants are provided to defray the cost of open-access publication fees.

Proposal Mentoring Grants - the aim is to help faculty submit competitive proposals for external funding.

Faculty Research Training Grant - to support continuing education for faculty to update their methodological skills and help faculty achieve excellence in research.

Dissertation Research Improvement Grants - are awarded annually to support or partially support dissertation research projects proposed by graduate students in the School of Social Sciences who have completed their coursework and who have advanced to candidacy or will advance to candidacy by the time the DRI awards are made.

Pre-Dissertation Research Grants - provide support for graduate students who are conducting preliminary research related to their dissertations so that they may prepare stronger dissertations and submit more competitive dissertation research applications to other funding sources.

Graduate Student Conference Travel Grants - provide partial support for graduate students to travel to conferences to present results related to their research.

Rice University Creative Ventures - is a set of internal funding opportunities available to Rice faculty and students to pursue creative scholarship and research.

Graduate Students & Postdocs at Rice University: Fellowships/Grants - is a set of internal and external funding opportunities available to Rice graduate students and postdocs.

External Funding Opportunities - provide sources of external funding for faculty, staff, and graduate students.